Basics Teacher Training in Taitung

///Basics Teacher Training in Taitung

Taitung, Taiwan

October 6-11, 2016


Following the programs in China, Santoshi traveled to the south east of Taiwan for the second session the Basics Teacher Training there (Rishi was there in May for the first part).

The group is truly unique and so much fun– daily songs and dances (including with props and costumes!) were part of the joy, and also the deepening understanding of TriYoga flows and how to teach them.

Each day more than 20 flow-ers joined for 6 hours of yoga flow, pranayama, teaching methodology and practicum.

While in Taitung, Santoshi stayed at the La Pace hostel, which is owned and operated by TriYoga student Ou Yang.  Several of the other participants stayed at La Pace, included Xian Nu, Sophie, Miao Miao, and Kiki (the furry one).    Many also enjoyed daily meals together– and there was even a birthday party for Rishi, even though he wasn’t there!

Santoshi and TYC Director Fen Fen were delighted to share their love of TriYoga together– and even showed up to the last day of the training in matching outfits!  Ou Yang (left) provided invaluable administrative support, and Humi (right) offered translation.

All were mesmerized by Kaliji’s beautiful mudra flow that emerged during their skype meeting.  And, when students learned that Santoshi’s next stop was the TriYoga Community in Orange County, many wanted to “hitch a ride” back to the USA with her!

The training continues in 2017 with two more sessions ~ and new TriYoga teachers!

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