Basics Teacher Training in Taichung, Taiwan

///Basics Teacher Training in Taichung, Taiwan

Santoshi was in Taichung, Taiwan, Sept 15–19 for the completion of the Basics Teacher Training.

This is the fifth city in Taiwan to host a Basics TYTT, and included interns and teachers from Taoyuan and Taidong.

The training was organized by TY teacher Yi Ping (left), and began in March with 5 days with Rishi, continued through the spring and summer with Julia (Lai Chui-Yu) (right).  Santoshi came for the final 5 days and certification.


Each day,  Yi Ping prepared a light vegan lunch for all the participants, and after class each day she organized sightseeing, meals, and outings for the visiting and local students.


One of the highlights of the training was the chance to meet with Yogini Kaliji online– and for each new teacher to get the news of their certification directly from Kaliji!


Two weeks after the Basics training completed, new teacher Jason Yeh hosted a “TriYoga Family day”–hosted by the “TriYoga Cat”!

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