Basics Teacher Training in Shenzhen, China

///Basics Teacher Training in Shenzhen, China

19 students attended the 150-hour Basics Teacher Training offered by John and Stef at the TYC Shenzhen. Students came from all over China and Hong Kong to learn this inspired yoga system.

Several teachers from previous years’ training joined as participants and as assistants, sharing practical experience with the new interns, as well as deepening their own understanding.

Students enjoyed special classes in Physical and Subtle Anatomy, as well as John’s Introduction to Sanskrit. Here, students practice pronunciation of different yoga terms.

Friendships were formed on the breaks and after class. As most of these interns traveled from their hometowns to participate in the trainings, they often joined together for meals. Here, two teachers stuff dumplings for their after-class feast.

People felt the energetic connection of mudras – hands and feet!

The training ended with a celebratory lunch at the nearby “Fullness” Vegetarian restaurant. This restaurant has hosted many TriYoga celebrations, including meals with Kaliji on her visits to Shenzhen. The staff is always happy to see tables full of TriYogis!

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