Basics Teacher Training in Shenzhen

//Basics Teacher Training in Shenzhen

Shenzhen, China

July – August 2018

Congratulations to the new Basics TriYoga Teachers in Shenzhen, China, including three of the youngest teachers, age 9, 10, and 13!

Xue Si and Liu Ke attended full 6-hour sessions during the Basics TYTT.

The training was organized by TY Teacher Kai Yun.  Kiki began the training in July, Kai Yun taught the middle sessions (her first as a junior teacher-training intern), and Gina came for the certification.

Since Kai Yun first encountered TriYoga she has dedicated her life to sharing it– offering workshops and classes to different communities, offering translation assistance, and nowteacher training. Her 9 year old son, Gary, is one of TriYoga’s newest and youngest teachers, and her newborn daughter also made some visits to the training.

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