Basics Teacher Training in Oxford, England

///Basics Teacher Training in Oxford, England


Following the recent Europe Tour with Yogini Kaliji, John traveled to Oxford, England to continue the Basics Teacher Training started there in March. Special thanks to intern Anne-Marie (far left, above) for organizing the event and hosting John!

The group met for 40 hours over five days.

It is fun and easy to be vegan all over the world! Blackberries were in season in Oxford, and Anne-Marie makes an amazing vegan blackberry crumble. šŸ™‚

Oxford is surrounded by soft, beautiful nature. The neighboring county of Wiltshire is the center of the Crop Circle phenomenon. A late-season crop circle appeared on August 20 in a field near Etchilhampton, Wiltshire after a night of heavy rain. John was able to make a visit just before sunset. This is still the latest reported crop circle, worldwide.

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