Basics Teacher Training in Guangzhou

///Basics Teacher Training in Guangzhou

New Basics Teachers in GuangzhouSantoshi  went to Guangzhou to complete the Basics Teacher Training she and John started last autumn.  DJ was able to come for the last day and see just how far the students had progressed.

Guangzhou (formerly known as Canton) was the first city Kaliji visited in China, and the D’s were honored to be invited to give the first 150-hour Basics Teacher Training there.

Daily Practice


Many of the interns were new to TriYoga (and some new to any yoga practice at all) when they began in October: they met almost every weekday morning from the end of the last teacher training session until the beginning of this one, practicing together to feel the flow emerge.

Interns enjoyed daily flows and different teaching “games” including practice in mirroring, hands-on alignment assistance, and the use of verbal cues.

The end of the training included a vegan pot-luck party where everyone brought a delicious dish to share, and a dance performance by one of the interns, Li Ping, who also practices belly dance!

Belly dance performance


Several of the new teachers traveled to Hong Kong to see KALIJI at Evolution Yoga Conference (June 6–9), and they are already planning their Level 1 teacher training!

One new Basics teacher said “Before I started yoga, I was bored all the time, only going to lunch with my friends.  I wondered what my life’s purpose was.  Now I know: TRIYOGA!”

Ivy Teng

Ivy Teng organized and translated every moment of the Basics training, as well as three days of Level 1 workshops.  She certified in Basics last year and is already transforming her yoga center into a TRIYOGA Center, and teaching TY at other schools in Guangzhou.

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