Basics Teacher Training in China

///Basics Teacher Training in China

Deva and Shanti, two TriYoga teachers from Shenzhen, China have begun to offer a Basics Teacher Training for their students. Their students demonstrate the TY flows and talk about TriYoga in this video here.

The first TriYoga Basic training course was held from Dec 1st to 13th, over 38 hours. Shanti was the main teacher, and Deva was the assistant.They taught the 5 main series and prana vidya. Eleven students took part in the training, and 9 of them received the certificate.

The students worked hard, and progress a great deal. Among the students was a 70-year old senior citizen, and a mother with a 7-month old baby.

Photos of Deva and Shanti’s yoga studio can be seen here.

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