Basics Teacher Training in Beijing, China

///Basics Teacher Training in Beijing, China

A Basics teacher training completed in Beijing, China with the certifications of nine new teachers.

Junior-level teacher trainer Cindy (left), teaching her first training,  taught two groups of interns: one that met on weekends, and one that met for a 25-day intensive. Both groups joined for the final week of the training taught by senior-level teacher Gina (center) and translated by teacher Zhang Li (right).

During the training the group enjoyed learning more about vegan diet and lifestyle, sharing recipes and cooking lessons and even learning to grow sprouts.

The training group made a connection with the vegan restaurant ZeroGo: the owner Jing Hai agreed to open the space for a 7 am weekday yoga class, perfect for people on their way to work. The new Beijing teachers will offer this class for free as “seva”. Jing Hai also plans to dedicate a wall space in his restaurant to promote TriYoga.

The group loved meeting Kaliji via Skype, and many of them will travel to Dalian September 22-25 when Kaliji teaches TriYoga and performs with Chant Club at the China International Yoga Industry Expo.

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