Basics Teacher Training in Bad Tölz

///Basics Teacher Training in Bad Tölz

TYC Bad Tölz, Germany

June 2-8, 2017

Eva-Maria returned to Bad Tölz for the final week of the Basics Teacher Training there. Kathrin, TYC co-director, and junior-level teacher trainer, was joined by ten interns as she lead the teacher training weekends for her first time.

The interns experienced not only the physical qualities of TriYoga like strength and flexibility, but also the subtle aspects of the practice regarding breath, mind and soul

Co-director Tina and her husband Stephan prepared for everyone a delicious vegan lunch every day of the training.

The youngster Sophie-Christine (who just turned 12) was an amazing student: full of concentration, joy, eager to learn and incredible with her verbal cues, like an ‘old stager’. She was very sad  that the week went so fast;-)


On the last day of the intensive week Kaliji met the new interns on Skype. For most of them, it was the first time to meet her. Kaliji dedicated a long time to answer students questions and to share her deep knowledge. All were fascinated by the breath-taking mudra flow and her lively feet while sitting in Lotus Asana.
After the Teacher Training all joined for a vegan pot luck picnic near one of the beautiful Bavarian Lakes.
Some more impressions from the newly certified Basics teachers:

“One of my peak experiences during this time was the deeper impact of  Leg Stretch Asana supported by hands-on. I felt a sudden wave of energy running through my whole body and tears were breaking out: tears of letting go, deep relaxation and satisfaction. It was a feeling such as after a cleansing. What a gift!”

“My whole body-mind and soul system was challenged for the sake of well-being, growing, and development. It has been another experience of transformation from inside out and expansion of consciousness.”
“It was a wonderful intensive week, that was a credit to its name;-). It was a fantastic and very deep time and I went back home deeply grateful and fraught with joy. For me TriYoga is also a personal gain to play music.”
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