Basics Teacher Training Continues in Seoul

///Basics Teacher Training Continues in Seoul

SeoulGroupAfter saying JAI GURU DEVI to Kaliji in Singapore Airport on January 5th, Santoshi traveled to Seoul, South Korea, for the second session of the ongoing Basics Teacher Training at JYoga.

Interns Jina (lower right, who also organized the visit) and Young Ju (upper right) were joined by Minki (upper left) and Young Wen (lower left) for the training.  Minki met Kaliji on her last visit to Seoul in 2012 and has been waiting for TriYoga to return.

The more experienced interns got to share their knowledge and experience with the new friends, practicing new and more familiar sequences.  Daily, they discussed with each other TriYoga’s unique style of elegance, strength, and safety.


The last day the students were thrilled to meet with Kaliji on Skype, and then all went to a vegan restaurant — the first vegan falafel place in South Korea!


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