Basics Teacher Training at TYC Taitung, Taiwan

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TriYoga Center Taitung, Taiwan hosted a new Basics Teacher Training with Rishi, May 4–12. Led by TriYoga Center director and TriYoga teacher Fen Fen, the Taitung community is vibrant, inspired, and so much fun! Yogini Kaliji visited Taitung in 2015 and inaugurated the new TriYoga Center, and the joy of Kaliji’s visit inspired Fen Fen and the TY community to begin a new training. Each day of Kaliji’s visit to Taitung was filled with song, dance and excitement, and Rishi’s visit to Taitung featured the same, with amazing support from the entire TriYoga community. There were 19–27 students every day for the training, and Rishi was amazed to arrive for the first training in a new city and see so many students flowing so gracefully and knowledgeably! This reflects Fen Fen and her skill and charisma as a teacher, to gather such a dynamic TriYoga Community and to train them so beautifully.

Santoshi will visit Taitung in October for the next session of the teacher training, and everyone is eager to continue!

The first eight days of the training introduced Series 1–3 of Basics, including alignment assistance and practicum.

Skype with Yogini Kaliji was a special highlight of the week!

The group welcomed Rishi with a rehearsed and choreographed song and dance on the first day, and then continued every day just for the joy of it and to get ready for class. Students arrived early so they could learn a new routine with Fen Fen (called FUN FUN by Yogini Kaliji) who has an endless supply. They would wait ready until Rishi arrived, and then perform!

In the evenings, as class ended, Fen Fen led everyone with a “lullaby” for the departing teacher, set to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”


Zàijiàn zàijiàn míngtiān jiàn; xièxiè lǎoshī zhè yītiān,
chànggē yóuxì zhēn yǒuqù, kuài kuàilè lè huí jiā qù,
zàijiàn zàijiàn měitiān jiàn, xièxiè lǎoshī zhè yītiān.

Goodbye, goodbye, see you tomorrow! Thank you teacher for this day,
Singing songs and games are really fun, now all happily go home,
Goodbye goodbye, see you every day! Thank you teacher for this day.

Rishi learned the words so he could sing along with everyone, but for this visit the simple dance routine proved to be beyond his grasp. 🙂

A truly amazing vegan meal was prepared for the group!

Fen Fen was a truly amazing coordinator and host for the training. Her joy touches everyone, and enlivens the entire community.

Translator Humi began the training with only a few classes of TriYoga experience, and translated for 40 hours even though she was initially not familiar TriYoga posture names or yoga terms in either Chinese or English. She kept great focus and composure and learned very quickly—the training would not have happened without her! Huge thanks to Humi for doing such a great job!

Ou Yang provided wonderful behind the scenes support and took great video and pictures. Also, Ou Yang runs the cute, comfortable, and very pleasant “La Pace” hostel in Taitung where Rishi stayed during his visit.

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