Basics Teacher Training at TYC Bao’an, China

///Basics Teacher Training at TYC Bao’an, China


A Basics teacher training completed on December 6 at TYC Bao’an in Shenzhen, China. Junior teacher trainer Kiki did a great job preparing students, and Rishi traveled to Shenzhen for the final certification week. Congratulations to the 20 new Basics teachers!

Basics interns practiced Basics flows, teaching methodology, and practicum.


Kiki (center) taught the first 120 hours of the training and translated during the certification week with Rishi. Ajasha (left) is director of TYC Longgang in Shenzhen and assisted during the training. Both were in the first group of certified teachers in China in 2009.


Celebrating the end of the training with a group meal and testimonials from participants.

Students in China love having photos taken with each other and the teachers! Each training often includes multiple (usually impromptu) photo shoots. This training, Rishi decided to take selfies of the students who had pictures taken with him!

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