Basics Teacher Training, Allershausen (Germany)

///Basics Teacher Training, Allershausen (Germany)

Allers_BasicsSenior-level teacher Tarini completed the Basics Teacher Training  at Johanna’s TY Center in Allershausen, Germany from 16-18 June 2014.


First row: Alexandra, who was attending the teacher training as a visitor but has already registered with the next Basics Teacher training group; Sigrid, a business coach and longtime TY student from Landshut, Germany;  Valeri, daughter of TY teacher Veronica (both from the Munich area) and Tarini.  Second row: Stefani, longtime TY student (and now teacher!) from Allgäu, and TYC Director Johanna.

 The group was small, intimate and well trained by Johanna.

The weather and countryside were beautiful.  Each day in addition to TY flows, those attending  enjoyed dancing together outside and being with the lovely animals that live on and around the property at Johanna’s home and TY Center.

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