Basics & Level 2 Teacher Training in Cairns, Australia

///Basics & Level 2 Teacher Training in Cairns, Australia


Rishi traveled to Cairns, Australia from March 30–April 9 for a full program of Basics teacher training certifications, Level 2 teacher training, and a variety of classes and workshops. Coordinator and teacher trainer Dagmar organized the visit and was a wonderful host.

Congratulations to the seven new TriYoga Basics teachers! Pictured above, from left to right: Michael, Laura, Janet, (Dagmar), Vanessa, Carolyn, Ildiko, and Mark. The group trained with Dagmar over the past year before Rishi arrived for the certification. This was Dagmar’s second teacher training in Cairns, and a third is planned to begin this year.

On the final training day, the new teachers met Kaliji through Skype and had their certifications announced! For some this was their first meeting with Kaliji, while others had met Kaliji during her visit to Cairns and the retreat at Mission Beach in 2015.

Newly certified teacher Mark is an accomplished professional artist and an art teacher. The night before the final teacher training day, he was inspired to create paintings of the training location at Kewarra Beach — one for each participant and for Rishi and Dagmar. Receiving the paintings was a special moment during the closing of the training.

The training group enjoyed a meal together at The Cheeky Yam, a fabulous and completely vegan restaurant at the Cairns Esplanade. The owner has been vegan for over 20 years!

New teacher Laura is an animal rescue volunteer, and during the training she was caring for George, an orphaned wallaby. Laura brought George to a day of the training, where he enjoyed his playpen and his little wallaby pouch.

Rishi also started a new Level 2 teacher training, with teachers attending from the first Cairns Basics and Level 1 trainings.

The hut on the shoreline of Kewarra Beach Resort—a truly sublime location to immerse into TriYoga sadhana…

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