Basics in Nanshan, Shenzhen

///Basics in Nanshan, Shenzhen

Nanshan GroupKatya Yani completed 120 hrs of Basics Teacher Training at TriYoga Center Shenzhen. This was her second time coming to China to share TriYoga. Katya had 13 new Basics interns, certified TriYoga Teachers and TriYoga Center students. Senior teacher Chandra then went to China to complete the certifications.

Nanshan Airport

Katya was greeted at the airport by TY teacher Lily who also assisted in the workshops.

Nanshan staff

From left to right: Mandy, translator for Basics TT, Grace owner of the Center & Tina, who holds a lot of jobs at TYC Shenzhen as well as a translator.

Nanshan Practicum

Practicum teaching.

Nanshan Mudras

Students had fun learning  Mudras

Nanshan tshirt

“T-shirt day” is always an excitement.

Nanshan Skype

Meeting Kaliji on Skype for the first time!

Nanshan Assistants

Lily & Mei Rong assisted in the workshops.

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