Basics Certification at UYoga College in Shenzhen, China

///Basics Certification at UYoga College in Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen, China

May 5-9, 2017

Twenty-five new Basics teachers were certified at UYoga College in Shenzhen, China.

The certification week with Santoshi was comprised of two teacher training groups—Lily taught a weekend course that began in early spring, and Ma Xin Mei taught a weekday course that met for a month.

The two groups came together and shared their knowledge of and enthusiasm for TriYoga—and also a lot of vegan snacks!

Each day on the break different people would bring surprises to share with everyone. One day after the training the group gathered at Ma Xin Mei’s home for a special vegetable tea that was served with one chopstick—and all were challenged to leave their bowls completely clean.

Sisi, Ma Xin Mei, Santoshi, Grace, and Lily

The training was organized and sponsored by Grace and UYoga.  Grace (2nd from right) organized the first mult-level teacher training program in China, when Rishi and Santoshi came in 2009 for Basics through Level 2 (Water 108).

Sisi offered her translation and her experience as a Level 2 TriYoga teacher.

Rishi, who had a break between the Level 2 and Level 3 teacher trainings in Xi’An, made a special appearance at the training when he took a weekend trip to visit Santoshi.

The last night in Shenzhen, the group met together for a vegan meal served with artistry and care. People in China are increasingly choosing to eat vegetarian, and there are now a variety of vegetarian restaurants ranging from casual to chic.

Since the conclusion of the training, UYoga has made space available to the new teachers, and they meet daily to share and practice.

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