Basics and Level 2 Teacher Training in Ballarat, Australia

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John and Santoshi completed their Australia trip with a happy return to TriYoga Center Ballarat and the home of TYC coordinator Pene Foord. Over four days, John and Santoshi completed a Basics teacher training and worked with Level 2 intern Marianne. Congratulations to the five new Basics teachers!

This is the second visit by John and Santoshi for Basics Teacher Training. Pene worked with the interns betweeen visits.

Beautiful autumn weather (remember it’s the Southern Hemisphere) prompted everyone to sit in the sun for chanting. Digger, family member of Pene and her partner Keith, joined as well. John and Santoshi are good friends with Digger and look forward to seeing him every visit.

Another highlight of visiting TYC Ballarat is “Pene Roast”, Pene’s awesome vegan roast dinner. This year it included an amazing homemade vegan cake in honor of Yogini Kaliji’s birthday!

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