Basics and Level 1 Teacher Trainings in Taiwan

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TriYoga Taiwan

January 6-18, 2016

After Journey to India completed, Rishi arrived in Taiwan on January 5 to begin teacher trainings in two locations: Basics in Kaohsiung, a new city for TriYoga training in Taiwan; and Level 1 at TYC Taoyuan.


Organizer Julia, teacher trainer and director of TYC Taoyuan, organized a workshop in Kaohsiung earlier this year with Rishi and Santoshi. Julia kept the contact with the Kaohsiung group, and now a teacher training has materialized with students from across Taiwan! Rishi spent 5 days with the group, and Julia will continue with the next session during Chinese New Year in February.

After returning to Taoyuan with Julia, Rishi met with teacher Hsiu Feng to complete her Basics and Level 1 certifications. Congratulations Hsiu Feng! Rishi also taught Julia’s regular class at Taipei City Hall.


Rishi taught six days in Taoyuan, beginning the Level 1 teacher training. The training group is a mix of students who are new to teacher training, and Basics teachers from previous trainings.


Julia is doing amazing work in Taiwan! She is supporting TriYoga communities in Taoyuan, Kaohsiung, and Taidong, and is spreading TriYoga to new cities. Julia has a wonderful TriYoga Center, where she actively hosts “Family Day” once a month and keeps TriYoga fresh and thriving. She is a thoughtful and caring host and a great organizer. Plus, she translated all of the programs with Rishi! Soon after the Taiwan programs finished, Julia traveled to Santa Cruz, CA for TY36 celebrations and then Level 3 teacher training.

Selfies with Level 1 students!

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