Basics and Level 1 Teacher Trainings in Beijing

//Basics and Level 1 Teacher Trainings in Beijing

Beijing, China

August 2018


TriYoga Center Karuna in Beijing, China completed Basics and Level 1 teacher trainings with junior-level teacher trainers Cindy and Zhang Li and senior-level teacher trainer Gina– with 4 newly certified Basics teachers and 6 new Level 1 teachers.

TYC Karuna has regular classes and workshops, so most of the interns had previous experience and were able to deepen their practice and appreciation of TriYoga.

Gan Sheng Bo (Gary) Cindy’s 9 year old son, also completed the Basics teacher training and is now TriYoga’s youngest Basics Teacher!  Gina writes: “He amazed us all with his knowledge, clear articulation and accurate demonstration of the the Basics flows. He is a natural with hands-on. He remains focused and attentive throughout the entire evaluation. He loves TriYoga and says he is now ready to study Level 1.”

The Basics and Level 1 groups got together to share meals at the vegan restaurant ZeroGo.

Cindy taught the Basics Teacher Training, in addition to having regular classes and workshops at TYC Karuna.  Shenzhen-based teacher Zhang Li taught part of the Level 1 training, and offered translation and assistance for the certifications.  Teachers are eager to begin a Level 2 TT in 2019.

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