Basics and Level 1 Certification in Shenzhen, China

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February 2–10, 2018

Eva-Maria was at TYC Shenzhen (Bao’An) for Basics and Level 1 Certification.

The morning flow was open to all, and many local teachers certified in Basics and beyond came to experience Eva-Maria’s teaching. Several students expressed their gratitude to Eva-Maria for sharing her TriYoga knowledge, both on the mat and in life.

The training was organized by TYC Director Lei Jun, who has regular trainings of all levels at TYC Bao’An. Junior-level teacher Zhang Li taught the Basics and Level 1 trainings, and also provided translation for the certifications. Lei Jun and Zhang Li were both part of the first group of TriYoga teachers in China to complete Basics–Level 3 teacher training in 2008.

The students were all motivated, focused and very well-prepared,  and received notice of their certification while on Skype with Yogini Kaliji! Eva-Maria wrote, “It is just astonishing how Kaliji’s presence and energy crosses over through the computer screen.”

While there, Eva-Maria visited one of the many vegetarian restaurants in Shenzhen. She was greeted with a “welcome fan” that the chef had decorated, and was delighted by the nourishing feast he and the staff prepared.

China’s diet is changing rapidly, with more people turning toward plant-based diet in the last few years. According to Business World, “the vegan market in China is expected to rise by more than 17 percent between 2015 and 2020. This will be the fastest rate of growth internationally in this time period and suggests a huge shift in consumer habits in Asia.” Read more about China’s changing diet here and on the SIVA Facebook page.



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