Basics and Level 1 Certification at TYC Bao’An

///Basics and Level 1 Certification at TYC Bao’An

Bao’An, Shenzhen, China

July 2017

While in China, Gina went to the TriYoga Center in Bao’An, Shenzhen, for Basics and Level 1 Certifications. The trainings had been taught by junior-level teacher Zhang Li.  Level 3 teacher Kai Yun also assisted during the trainings, and several local teachers joined for review and satsang.

Zhang Li writes:

“I feel I must share with you the joy that TriYoga brings to the students. Their bodies changed a lot with the flow, and so did their minds: they feel touched and relieved during the training.  An’An, a mother of two, said that her 7 year old son says she has become more beautiful and more reasonable since TriYoga.  Zhen Zhen started with the Level 1 training, and felt so attracted to TriYoga–says she fell in love with it–that she must have more study and joined a Basics Teacher Training.  An Ran, at 23 the youngest in the group, says that TriYoga has entered her dreams and thinks of postures and posture names while sleeping!  She gave 2 initial classes at a local fitness club, and, after excellent feedback from the members, two more classes have been added! Juan Zi has established her own home studio to teach TriYoga and said ‘I feel my heart is in accord with TriYoga.’

“For this, thank you, Kaliji! The students love you and feel you like breeze in spring. My feeling to you, I cannot describe in words.”


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