Basics 200 hours at TYC Santa Cruz

///Basics 200 hours at TYC Santa Cruz

Basics 200 at TYC Santa Cruz

The Basics 200-hour 12-month program at TYC Santa Cruz taught by Nandi and Tarini completed the weekend of May 29–31, 2015.
Congratulations to new Basics TriYoga teachers Susan, Courtney and Jessika! Others in the group were previously certified and wanted to deepen their practice and teaching.

One of the students shared
“I just took the plunge and signed up for Level 1 Teacher Training.  I was thinking today how important TriYoga is to me and how precious this experience with you all has been over the past year. I am deeply grateful for your connection and community. Have learned soooo much. 
I have experienced immense crises in confidence throughout my life together with more than a couple of near death experiences, growing up in South Africa, and this precious safe nurturing space we have (thanks to Kaliji, Nandi, Tarini, Jamie, Jas, and so many at TriYoga SC) seems like an immense blessing and opportunity.
I got a bit teary during today’s Yoga Nidra knowing our time together on this journey ends today. Am deeply grateful to you all and look forward to seeing you frequently and soon!
BIG thank you Jas, for your loving presence, delicious tea every immersion weekend and amazing cookies. 
Nandi, the first weakend of this immersion series – last June, you said you felt very excited and that our lives would be transformed…you were right! 
I feel deeply connected to each of you and that is such a gift…thank you.”


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