Baroda news, continued

Kaliji taught 2 TriYoga programs on Tuesday morning.

First was an outdoor TriYoga program. This program was for TriYoga teachers and students, as well as new students. The participants focused on the flow within the natural alignment of posture, breath and mudra with Basics postures.

Following that was a 2-hour Level 1 teacher training. Kaliji oversaw the training with Nandi, Eva-Maria and Katya each working with individual groups. The teachers at TriYoga Center enjoyed the teacher training, further refining their beautiful flows.

Kaliji was invited to lunch at the home of the Datta devotees today. Afterwards, they asked Kaliji about when she knew that something special was happening in her life.

Kaliji told about her history, and when she reached the part about kriyavati, the group was blessed with a beautiful flow of mudras.

In the evening there was a Prana Vidya program, and Kaliji also demonstrated TY flows. Kaliji’s talk gave the students an introduction to Prana Vidya, including how to use PV to reach a more sattvic state, how it increases one’s prana, and how to focus on the breath to focus the mind.

The local TV station VMN filmed Kaliji during the evening progam, filming the demonstration and mudra flow. After class, they interviewed Kaliji about TriYoga. The program about Kaliji will be on TV on Wednesday evening.

Kaliji and TY student Lochn

TY teachers from the area ~





and Anjali’s daughter Namrita, an upcoming TriYogi

The gracious hosts presented Kaliji with beautiful gifts. Here, Kaliji receives this beautifully-wrapped gift from Anjali.

And she received a Lakshmi yantra and Ganapati murti from Sheela.

Cows and bulls are everywhere. They walk alone or with friends. They go to market to get their own food and then return home.

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