Bad Meinberg ~ September 6 & 7

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Sunrise view from Kaliji’s room at Yoga Vidya

Programs at the retreat begin in the early morning and end late at night, but there is always time to be out in nature. Here, Kaliji walks at the pond by the retreat center.

Mercury is also in Bad Meinberg, providing mantra during yoga nidra and meditation, and vocals and percussion for chanting.

During one evening satsanga, TY teacher Urvasi gave a lecture and demo on Bharata Natyam, a classical Indian dance form. It is the most popular classical dance in India, and contains all of the traditional elements of classical dance: the mudras (hand positions), abhinaya (facial expressions), and padams (narrative dances). Mercury, ever the entertainer, joined Urvasi on stage for his rendition of the dance.

This annual retreat provides an opportunity for teachers and students from different locations to come together.

Marco, Level 2 teacher from Berlin, studied with Urvasi (right)

Tour chef Mitradeva, TY teacher from Berlin

Top row left to right: Tino, Ralph, Keith, Marco, Nicolai
Bottom left to right: Martin, Andreas, Mitradeva

Kiran Schmidt, husband of TY teacher Cassandra, went to Bad Meinberg to see Kaliji, and shared very moving stories of life with Cassandra and the challenges after her departure 4 years ago.

He also brought his new partner Deborah to meet Kaliji.

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