Bad Meinberg ~ September 4 & 5

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Upon arrival in Germany, Kaliji stayed overnight in Dusseldorf, where a group of Dusseldorf TriYogis joined her outside by the river.

Kaliji arrived at Haus Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg, Germany on Thursday evening. Yoga Vidya is one of the largest yoga retreat centers in Europe, hosting over 650 programs each year. It is located near the Extern Stones, a chain of towering sandstone spires dating from the Cretacious period (about 70 million years ago), in the Teutoburger Forest.

The Extern Stones

The retreat was organized by TY teacher Roselyne Colin, who also owns the TriYoga Center in Koenigstein, Germany.

View from Kaliji’s window at Yoga Vidya

More than 60 teachers and students are attending the retreat.

Teacher Eva-Maria Beck (left) is one of two translators for the sessions each day. Roselyne (right) demonstrates the flows.

TY teacher Urvasi Leone (left), who owns the TriYoga Center in Berlin, is also translating for Kaliji. Level 2 teacher Keith Cooper is seen at right.

Alignment assistants for the retreat are Nandi, Eva-Maria, Johanna, Antje and Ranjani.

Eva-Maria (back, in orange shirt) is also offering alignment assistance, along with TY teacher Ranjani (foreground, in white shirt).

Alignment assistant Antje (bottom right, in white).

Yoga Nidra

Saturday was the holiday called “Teacher Day” in India. In Indian culture, it is said that one’s mother is the first Guru and the teacher is the second Guru. Ekaterina, from Moscow and currently living in Vienna, presented Kaliji with this new outfit in honor of Teacher Day. It came from a store in Vienna called “Dancing Shiva”, where they use the original type of cotton that was used by Gandhi. All the clothing they sell is either orange or red ~ the perfect store for Kaliji!

Gam Gam Ganapati ~ another part of Ekaterina’s gift

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