Bad Meinberg, Germany Retreat 8/31-9/6

///Bad Meinberg, Germany Retreat 8/31-9/6

Bad Meinberg, Germany Retreat was held with Kaliji 8/31-9/6. The program included TriYoga Flows Basics to Level 2 ,

Pranayama, Meditation, Jnana, Pravachan (Q & A), & Chanting.

Roselyne Colin and Eva-Maria Beck demonstrate with Kaliji. Roselyne was coordinator of the event and Eva-Maria assisted with translation.

Runner to Extended Leg Stretch

Leg Stretch

Nandi (far left), and Citrini (far right) offered alignment/teaching assistance.

Urvasi Leone offered translation.

Kaliji, vocals and harmonium, and Mercury Max vocals and drum, offered chanting nightly. Everyone was dancing.

At the students’ request, Kaliji demonstrated Devi Dance for 45 minutes.
Hanuman Arch.

Wheel Lift

Rotated Side Balance

Tortoise Toe Stretch

Tortoise Seat with toes interlaced, & Devi Mudra

Special thanks to Citrini for sharing these photos.

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