TriYoga Retreat with Yogini Kaliji • Bad Meinberg, Germany

//TriYoga Retreat with Yogini Kaliji • Bad Meinberg, Germany

Yogini Kaliji celebrated 24-years of TriYoga in Germany over June 21–27 at the annual TriYoga Retreat at Yoga Vidya, Bad Meinberg, Germany. This year the retreat coincided with the summer solstice, the full moon, and The International Day of Yoga. Many thanks to retreat coordinator and TriYoga teacher trainer Roselyne Colin from TYC Königstein.

Mornings and Afternoons

Yogaflow and Prana Vidya with Kaliji were the focus of each day, Basics—Level 1 in the morning and Level 2+ in the afternoons. The afternoon sessions featured many new Level 4 flows, and everyone enjoyed the light, airy, heart-filled energy.

The afternoon sessions began with Q&A with Kaliji, always delightful and illuminating.

Evening Programs

The wonderful evening programs alternated between TriYoga Therapeutics and Nada Yoga.

The retreat began on Friday evening with a chant by Kaliji and a TriYoga Therapeutics (TY-T) jnana talk, followed by a TY-T session.

The Nada Yoga program on Saturday evening introduced the joy of singing Carnatic scales to many of the participants!

TriYoga teacher Theresa from TriYoga Center of Centra Pennsylvania, USA, was a member of the assistant team during the retreat and offered a TY-T program on scoliosis Sunday evening. Theresa shared her personal experience with scoliosis from both her TriYoga practice and as a teacher to students who have scoliosis.

During the Learn SGS Bhajans program on Monday evening, Kaliji guided through singing Carnatic scales and then accompanied recordings by Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji on tabla while participants sang with the call-and-response chants.

Sukadev, the visionary founder of Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg who directed its growth to become the largest yoga retreat center and ashrama in Europe, joined for the start of the Garbha Dance program on Tuesday evening. Kaliji and Sukadev shared the amazing and very funny story of their first meeting in the 1980s.

Kaliji presented a jnana talk on Ananda Tandava, the Dance of Bliss, then led the group in over 30 minutes of joyful dancing.

The final evening program on Wednesday night began with the debut of a new band of TriYoga teacher musicians: Brigitte from Holzkirchen, Gemrany and the family of Den, Amrita, and Lalita from TY Poland.

After Kaliji led the program of chanting Hanuman Chalisa, the new band were thrilled to join Kaliji on stage for more bhajans!

During the retreat, Brigitte presented KALIJI with her completed Teacher Training handbooks: Anatomy 1; Anatomy 2; and Basics, including complete anatomy notes, alignment cues, benefits, and photos for each asana.

Brigitte also played the handpan during Yoga Nidra sessions.

After nearly 24 hours of travel from California to Bad Meinberg, Kaliji arrived at the Bad Meinberg hotel at the exact same moment as team member Mitra Deva who had driven from Berlin with the team’s equipment. Kaliji and the team then enjoyed a beautiful walk through nature at the time of the summer solstice.

TY teacher Uliana celebrated her birthday during the retreat on June 26.

The retreat team: German interpretation by Mitra Deva, and class assistance by Santoshi, Rishi, and Theresa.

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