Australia ~ March 24

/, Sri Swamiji, with Kaliji/Australia ~ March 24

Three days of TriYoga programs concluded on Monday with a TY session and a talk by Dr. Phanishree on prana.

Students who attended Monday’s session. TriYoga teachers in Australia include Pene, on Kaliji’s right, and Dagmar, 5th from left, who recently moved to Australia from Germany.

Datta devotees were instrumental in organizing and managing the programs, including Bhavana and Praveen, who provided a wonderful lunch and snacks for all participants each day.

Kaliji and Alana

Kaliji and Pene – Pene offers classes and teacher trainings in Ballarat, near Melbourne

Wendy and Kathryn, mother and daughter, attended Monday’s session.

With Yvonne, a yoga teacher from Melbourne

Swami Manasa and Dr. Phanishree

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