Aug 15-17 ~ Denmark Retreat

///Aug 15-17 ~ Denmark Retreat

Kaliji arrived in Denmark on Thursday night, met by Jytte and Ebbe, TY teachers and directors of the TriYoga Center, Denmark.

Kaliji, Mercury, Nandini, John, Stephanie, Eva-Maria and Mitradeva enjoyed a wonderful dinner
at the home of Jytte and Ebbe. (Notice the TRIYOGA truck at right!)

At Jytte and Ebbe’s home

The Friday session began with Basics flows,

followed by Kaliji giving a talk on Subtle Anatomy

and Chant Club. From right, TriYoga teachers Sabine and Eva-Maria from Germany, and Jytte and Ebbe from Denmark.

Kaliji and Mercury led the enthusiastic group of teachers and students in chanting.

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