TriYoga Center of Cedar Rapids

///TriYoga Center of Cedar Rapids

Serenity Center in Cedar Rapids is proud to have recently become a TriYoga Center.
They were excited to announce their new status as a nonprofit organization at Kaliji’s
program in Cedar Rapids Oct. 31 – Nov 2.

The weekend offered four TY sessions, from Basics through Level 2 and Natural Alignment classes,
a potluck dinner and chanting and jnana on Saturday night. Here, students practice Cat Bows.

Kaliji assists TY teacher Tom in a spinal twist.

Prior to the program on Friday, Kaliji and TY teachers and friends went to
the Red Avocado vegan restaurant in Iowa City. From left, Narayani, Del, Tom, Kaliji,
Satyam, Paula, Marj, Linda and Neil.

The fall foliage was beautiful at this time of year.

Kaliji’s special Halloween shirt was a gift from TY web designer Steeve.

The evening satsanga with Kaliji had more in attendance than ever before.

Kaliji plays a MIDI harmonium.

Classes ranged from 25 – 33 students ~ shown here is the Sunday session, which included Prana Vidya.

From left, Satyam, Kaliji, Linda and Narayani. Satyam and Narayani are directors of the TriYoga Center in Cedar Rapids.

On Sunday morning, 3 teachers received Level 1 certification ~ Lisa and Tom on the left, and Janel at right.
TY teacher Kelli, center, oversaw the certification final.

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