Asia Yoga Conference 2012

///Asia Yoga Conference 2012

Kaliji’s around-the-world tour continued with the Asia Yoga Conference in Hong Kong over the June 8-10 weekend. Kaliji was the keynote speaker at last year’s conference, and this year Kaliji’s programs had the most pre-registrations than for any other conference event.

All three TriYoga classes were attended by 60-80 students!

A large group of TriYoga teachers from Mainland China traveled to Hong Kong for the conference.

Even the largest conference rooms were filled with flowing TriYoga students.

TriYoga teacher Yu Yong Lu (left) and her husband Wang Li operate a number of yoga schools in Dalian, China. They recently hosted a training taught by Shenzhen teacher Jojo, and traveled a long way to meet Kaliji in Hong Kong! Yu Yong is eager to travel to the United States for TriYoga study.

The TriYoga family traveled in a group– the entire escalator is full of TriYogis from Mainland China and TriYoga smiles. On Saturday night a group of over 30 students took the famous Star ferry to Kowloon Island and watched the nightly “Symphony of Lights” in which the Hong Kong skyline is lit in time with music.

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