ASHA Center ~ Gloucester, England

///ASHA Center ~ Gloucester, England

Kaliji, along with Mercury, John, Stephanie, Mitradeva and Nandi, went to the ASHA Centere
in Gloucestershire, England from Sept 1 – 4. Zerbanoo Gifford, founder of the ASHA Centre,
met Kaliji in India a few years ago and was immediately drawn to Kaliji. At the time, Zerbanoo
was writing Confessions of a Serial Womaniser–Secrets of the Worlds Most Influential Women,
and asked Kaliji to be interviewed for the book. Kaliji later went to London for the unveiling
of the book and painting at the Royal Portrait Gallery.

The ASHA Centre
The Centre is home to a wide range of spiritual and cultural activities. ASHA’s in-house team
of teachers and facilitators run workshops and courses in the performing arts, self-development
and working with nature. Groups from around the world visit the Centre to have encounters of living
and interacting more deeply both with others and their environment.

Biodynamic farm at the Centre

Local press came to photograph and interview Kaliji.

Kaliji taught three Flow classes and a Mudra class, and also made numerous house visits.

At a house visit at the home of Zerbanoo and Richard Gifford.

Kaliji with Zerbanoo and her sons Mark (left) and Alexander (right).

With Alexander

With Mark

Sally works in the kitchen at the ASHA Centre. She also is an incredible opera singer.
Her university work was in opera, and she is currently studying advanced opera in England.
She sang for everyone during meals.

The newly installed local Anglican Vicar also came to visit Kaliji.

On Sept. 3, Kaliji spent time on the ASHA Centre grounds in honor of Ganesha Chaturthi .

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A follow-up article was written about Kaliji’s visit to the ASHA Centre, here

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