Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, Dallas

///Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, Dallas

Dallas has wonderful parks, gardens and nature preserves. On Saturday afternoon, Kaliji and the group of students went to visit Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. Its untainted woods and meadows cover a vast territory and offers many trails for walking or riding bikes. The place is never silent, it is continuously “vibrating” with beautiful nature sounds.

Along the trail that Kaliji chose to go, there happened to be three triangle shaped rocks that formed a perfect triangle seat…. as if specially for Kaliji. The seat appeared precisely at the moment when Kaliji said: “I feel like sitting down”. The second she did, most beautiful mudras were flowing through her hands, along with spontaneous mantras and laughter. All this to the music of the nature around. Those who were present there shared that they were in the state of awe, with their mind being absolutely silent.

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