April/May Tour, 2006 ~ Galleries

//April/May Tour, 2006 ~ Galleries

Kaliji is on a 6-country tour: USA, Israel, Germany, Russia, China, India

  • March 29-April 25: USA, Israel, Germany, Russia
  • April 29 – May 15 China Teaching schedule:
    • Shenzhen. April 29
    • Zhu Hai April 30 -Sponsored by China Mobile, which sent out SMS messages to its subscribers announcing TriYoga programs. Workshop completely filled with 500 attending and many more on the waiting list.
    • Shunde. May 1
    • Attending world’s largest Bonsai Expo (Sri Swamiji’s ashrama in Mysore has the largest Bonsai Garden in India)
    • Maofeng Mountain May 2-6
    • Teacher Training – Basics. 30 students are attending the first TriYoga teacher training in China.
    • Guangzhou May 7
    • Shaoguan May 8-9 -China Mobile sponsors
    • Ningbo Island. 10-12 (One of 4 holy Mountains in China)
    • Shanghai. May 13-14
  • Departure to India May 15. Twenty one students will join Kaliji: two from
    Germany, five from Ukraine, one from Russia, and the rest from USA. There
    will be daily programs in TriYoga during the 10-day birthday celebration of
    Sri Swamiji. This includes music concerts, Indian dances, pujas and jnana.
    Tour ends May 29th.
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