Ahmedabad ~ December 26


Gandhi University ~ Sunday, December 26

Extraordinary musical talent Narendra Shastri began the program with beautiful heartfelt vocals and harmonium.

Included in the introductory remarks was this statement:
“Yoga was transported out of India and now exported back to India through Swamini Kaliji.”

Dr. Jayanti Patel gave a dramatic presentation on the subject “Yoga as Inner Art for the Self.”
He drew laughter and applause from the delighted, appreciative audience.

Kaliji first acknowledged her long-time friendship with Dr. Patel and how they talked about Gandhi when they first met.
She also spoke of the vegan diet and its importance in the ahimsa trinity of
love for animals, as well as personal and planetary health.


Kaliji’s beautiful demonstration was accompanied on harmonium by Narendra. The audience was spellbound, in complete silence, then giving enthusiastic applause.

Vice President (Principal of Studies) of Gandhi University, Sudershan Iyengar, was thrilled with Kaliji and TriYoga.
He wants her program to be an annual event and would like TriYoga to be part of the curriculum at Gandhi University.

The Head of Sports at the university, Kmles, loved the program. He gave everyone a book on Gandhi, saying that TriYoga embodies Gandhi’s principles.




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