9/10/07 – Russian T.V. features Kaliji

///9/10/07 – Russian T.V. features Kaliji

September 10, 2007, Kaliji was featured on the popular Russian T.V. program “Day of Beauty” on the “Home Channel”. On the show, Kaliji taught a class to Natalia Bystrova, the Russian star of the musical, “Mama Mia”. This was Natalia’s first encounter with Kaliji & TriYoga.

Kaliji was asked questions about various topics, such as yoga practice, philosophy, diet, and the meaning of the orange clothes.

The show was filmed at the hall of the Moscow Yoga Federation, who will participate in Tri Yoga Teachers Trainings in Russia.

Natalia said:

“I felt so fortunate to have this yoga class. We have 8 performances per week, inbetween rehearsals and trainings, we badly need something to balance that. Obviously, this class was just it!

When i was told that i would have yoga class for a TV channel, i did not even imagine that i would have a private class with such a top class Yoga Teacher. She is like a sun in her orange clothes. It is not just the clothes, she truly glows and radiates kindness all around. She is so light, easy to communicate with. My English is not the best but she was so patient talking to me, held my hand. There is no fuss about her. Nor about her yoga style. Every movement, every look, every word means something. I did a little bit of yoga before but it was all about physical exercise. Her class was much more than a mere physical training, it was about energy. It is like a dance, so paced and rhythmic – a great way to regain balance in our hectic lives.

…when she interlaced her toes – that was the top of it! I may have expected to see a yoga person who can take their legs far behind the back etc…but she truly excelled!:-)

I am so honored to get a private class! I already told my theater group that we will get the DVDs soon and we agreed to make Tri Yoga part of our regular trainings.

I was amazed to see many of her students coming along with her, even from other countries, to me it is a clear evidence of how much she is respected.

I would love to meet her again! Until then we’ll practice with DVDs!”


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