TY Programs with Kaliji in Moscow

///TY Programs with Kaliji in Moscow

On October 17th Kaliji arrived in Moscow, Russia.

TriYogis eagerly waiting for Kaliji’s arrival at the airport with lots of flowers! They come to see Kaliji from all over Russia: Siberia, Nevynnomyssk, Saratov, as well as Ukraine and Bulgaria. Many had to travel up to 36 hours on a train. After the night on the train, they came to the airport… treasuring every minute together with Kaliji.

Kaliji was accompanied by master tabla musician Prasann from India (shown here), and senior TriYoga teacher Matarani from the US.

Kaliji introduces Shaktidas and Prasann.

Shaktidas was the first one to bring Kaliji to Russia and Ukraine in 1992 and has been the organizer of Kaliji’s programs in Moscow ever since. She has inspired many students to TriYoga over the past 19 years.

Matarani and Ananda, director of TYC Siberia. This was Matarani’s first visit to Russia.

Maxim was excited to have a chance to drive Kaliji in Moscow. He met Kaliji last year at the TriYoga retreat in Goa, India.

After arrival, the group went to Jaganath, the popular vegetarian restaurant in Moscow. Here, TriYoga teacher Ruslan and Elena from Saratov arrived after a 15-hour train ride.

Svetlana, an astrology enthusiast, frequently visits Kaliji.

Kaliji offered 7 hours per day of programs. The full sessions included yoga flow, prana vidya, chanting, discourse and Q&A. Everyone enjoyed Prasann effortlessly providing the melodious tabla rhythms throughout all programs. It was a joy to flow with this live meditative accompaniment.

After each class, people came to personally meet Kaliji. Ananda brought personal items & requests from Siberian TY students asking Kaliji to visit. Many expressed their feelings in small poems. There are now plans for a visit in 2012.

Shanti from Nevynnomyssk (southern Russia) made pocket-size calendars for 2012. She met Kaliji 19 years ago and has practiced TriYoga ever since. A few years ago, she opened a TriYoga center. Even though her city is very far from Moscow, she always attends Kaliji’s programs in Russia & Ukraine.

Kaliji with Prasann and TriYoga friends from Saratov.

TriYoga teachers from Kiev and Alexey, who was living in Siberia, but now teaches TriYoga in Moscow.

The Kiev group also took a night train, and came to the morning class right from the railway station.

Evening classes were held at a larger place, INBI, to provide enough space for over 70 students.

Prasann played non-stop for over 4 hours. He also never changed his seated posture.

Each evening session included chanting that culminated with Prasann’s mastery tabla solo. All enjoyed the nadam (uplifting music)!

With excitement, all watched Prasann’s dextrous, fast moving fingers!

The audience giving rapturous applause to Prasann for his inspiring tabla solo.

Moscow TriYogis
They regularly study with TY teacher Inna Lee (2nd from right) and are very enthusiastic to receive TriYoga certification.

Alexander and Nadezhda (son and mother). They have been to all of Kaliji’s programs since 1992.

Vairagya met Kaliji in India in 2005. His book Yoga – Path to Light is one of several books that he dedicated to Kaliji.

TriYoga friends from Moscow, Nevynnomyssk and Bulgaria.

As always with Kaliji, a magical flow takes place…

Konstantin (shown here with Kaliji), attended Kaliji’s workshop 19 years ago, and has not seen her since then. Recently he went to the same place where they originally met in Crimea, hoping to one day see Kaliji again.

On this evening he was passing by INBI and decided to come in… and walked right into Kaliji! He was so excited and said that he would not miss her visit again.

Lunch times were also opportunities to meet with students and friends.

Zoya (left), Shaktidas’ daughter, invited Kaliji to her apartment for a homemade vegan lunch. Shaktidas’ granddaughter Valentina (center) greeted Kaliji with a tight heartfelt hug and gave Kaliji a beautiful drawing she made for her.

Valentina’s drawing for Kaliji

Ananda, her son Pasha and her mother. Pasha first met Kaliji when he was a few months old. Now he is 4 years old and presented Kaliji with his drawing.

Many came to meet Kaliji in Jaganath on the last day, like Julia, a dear TriYoga student, and her baby Alexander. Julia often translates for Kaliji. This time she was busy with her motherly duties.

Julia’s mother, Nadezhda, a TriYoga student herself.

Long-time TriYoga friends Fatima and Gary. Gary offered his help as a driver to Kaliji’s assistants.

Natalia, TY student and translator from Siberia.

Alexey attended the TYTT with John and Stephanie in Siberia and has been teaching TriYoga in Moscow. This was his first time to meet Kaliji.

No visit to Moscow is complete without a visit to Red Square… even if it’s late at night. With such a full schedule, the first available time was 1am.

It was a perfect flow ~ the place was all lit up with colorful laser lights, thus the well-known historic square had a new and unusual look.

In front of St Basil’s Cathedral

On October 21, Kaliji took a morning flight to Munich, Germany. She promised to come back next year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of TriYoga in Russia and Ukraine with a retreat at the Russian seaside in September.


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