5-day Intensive with Kiki in Xi’an, China

///5-day Intensive with Kiki in Xi’an, China

5-Day TriYoga Intensive with Kiki

Xi’an, China

July 2016

Xian_Intensive_GroupTriYoga teacher (and Xi’an native) Kiki recently gave a 5-day intensive workshop at TYC Xi’an. Director Yu Feng organized the event to give students, interns, and teachers the chance for an extended practice.


Five of the participants decided to join the next Basics teacher training at TYC Xi’an (from left to right)

LiuXin: Kiki’s high school class mate who became interested in TriYoga though Kiki– and now is taking the next step and enrolling as a Teacher Training intern. 
Miss Xu: a yoga teacher who, only after this five-day experience, says she no longer wants to teach any other kind of yoga than TriYoga!
QingYu: daughter of one of YuFeng’s close friend. Her mom is also a yoga teacher, but highly recommended her daughter to study TriYoga
WangYi: loves TY very much, and often squeezes time from her busy job to join TriYoga events–she attended one day of the Level 3 teacher training as well as Santoshi’s anatomy workshop.
Shangping: a young but experienced teacher. He’s one of the local teachers who originally requested TriYoga teacher training in Xi’an but was unable to attend.  He has developed his own style of yoga called “Tai Ji Yoga” which an emphasis on a Tai-chi like movement–but told Kiki he felt he had lost direction on his yoga path, and Kiki invited him to join TriYoga!  He immediately recognized TriYoga as the flow he had been looking for.  He also joined several days of the recent Level 3 Teacher Training with Santoshi and made connections with many of the local TriYoga teachers there.


Sang Sang (middle), a Level 1 Teacher who loves TriYoga and shares it with everyone– brought her husband and a new friend to join the fun.

Xian_ParentsKiki’s parents joined the 5-day program as well, and said they loved being with TriYoga Family.

Xian_TeachersSome of our Xi’an TriYoga teachers took part in the workshop and also helped the new friends in class.
From left:

YuFeng: TYC director and a wonderful organizer! She brings everyone a “warm loving home feeling!”
Sangsang: L1 teacher. Dedicated and full heart devoted into teaching!
HaiYan: L3 teacher. Owns a studio in Xi’an, a very lovely and happy teacher.
Maomao: L1 teacher. Now teaching at the other TYC in Xi’an, TYC Flower Field.
WuYing (Da Mao): L3 teacher who offered alignment assistance for the 5-day program.

Xian_MealEven as the group prepared a vegan meal as a celebration, they were still discussing postures, flows, and alignments!


...in the flow