25th Anniversary ~ School Charity (Update)

///25th Anniversary ~ School Charity (Update)

Amar Jyoti Rehabilitation and Research Centre

School Fund

Over the years, students have often given gifts on the anniversary of TriYoga
(January 5). This year Kaliji said that IF inspired to give a gift, to please consider making a monetary donation so that TriYoga International can give the donation to charity. Sri Swamiji had requested that TriYoga offer $2,500 for a school for handicapped children in Delhi, India.

He inaugurated this facility over fourteen years ago when only six children were there. The enrollment has grown to six-hundred, and the children are so happy with this opportunity to go to school there. Recently, Kaliji visited the school with Sri Swamiji. These children are in great need of support.

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Dear Kaliji,It was wonderful meeting you during Swamiji’s visit to Amar Jyoti. We were really honoured by everyone’s presence. The Amar Jyoti school children were inspired and encouraged, as usual, by Param Pujya Swamiji’s blessings. In fact, we were all greatly honoured to have Swamiji and everyone who accompanied him to Amar Jyoti.

I deeply appreciate your instantaneous announcement of very generous donation of Rs. 1,00,000 towards the construction of Amar Jyoti school building. This thoughtful gesture clearly indicates your sensitivity to the cause and concern for welfare of persons with disability.

We shall look forward to your visit in near future as per your assurance given on November 29, 2004.

With fond regards.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Uma Tuli
Founder & Managing Secretary

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Jaya Guru DeviWe are happy to announce that the $2500 for the Amar Jyoti school for handicapped children in Delhi, India has been received.

In November, while visiting Amar Jyoti with Sri Swamiji, the children offered a talent show for our enjoyment. Afterwards, they were thrilled when it was announced that Datta Yoga Center and TriYoga Center would give donations to the school.

Nikita will be in Delhi in February, and she will personally deliver the check to the school. While she is there, she will take photographs to share with us.

On behalf of Kaliji and TriYoga International, thank you for your donations. They will give much needed support to the school and children.

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Dear KalijiIt was a real delight to meet Nikita. She speaks very good hindi and has all the traits of Indian warmth and affection. I am really grateful for the cheque you have sent through her. You have seen for yourself what a timely support to Amar Jyoti. Nikita has taken some pictures of the building and we will send your acknowledgement as soon as it done after completion of the building. I have given her the receipt no. 0383 dated 07.02.05 of the amount you have sent. In fact she has taken a photograph for documentary proof of presentation of the cheque. We shall soon see the DVD of Triyoga and share it with everybody at Amar Jyoti.

Thanks once again for your thoughtful and noble gesture. We look forward to your continued support.

With warm regards

Dr. Uma Tuli
Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust


I visited Amar Jyoti School on February 8th. The school campus is lovely with two main buildings and separate smaller buildings for vocational training. The school is an inspirational service to the community, with complete medical facilities of alloathic, ayurvedic and homeopathic treatment options. Also there are areas for rehabilitational therapy including speech and occupational therapies. The doctors are all volunteers there, who donate their services and time to give free operations and treatment to people of the community who are faced with physical and mental diabilities.

The school began under a tree, with just 25 students. Now there are 630 students attending. A large building with many classrooms was recently completed thru the generous donations of people from all over the world. The philosophy is to offer an integrative approach to learning for students of various abilities, catering to their individual needs, so that they can live successfully in society.

Amar Jyoti also offers children vocational training in artistic ways to help in developing fine motor skills, which are often affected with disabilities. They have areas for jewelry making, textiles, stationary, baking. All products made by the children and teachers are available for sale worldwide and comprise the majority of the school’s income.

The school accepts volunteers for any amount of time to offer some service to the children. Next time I return to Delhi, I will share TriYoga Flows with the children, a prospect the school is already excited about.

Dr. Tuli is a charismatic woman who is dedicated to the Amar Jyoti foundation. It was an honor to meet her and to experience this great service.

~ Nikita


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