20th Anniversary of TriYoga in Russia and Ukraine

///20th Anniversary of TriYoga in Russia and Ukraine

The 20th anniversary of TriYoga in Russia and Ukraine was celebrated September 20-30 in the Crimean city of Alushta. Nearly 50 TriYogis journeyed to Crimea from more than 10 Russian and Ukrainian cities to take part in programs with Kaliji and senior teachers Eva-Maria, Stephanie and John.

Programs with Kaliji included daily flow classes and evening satsang.

The view from the sadhana room.

One surprise was a video of Kaliji’s first visit in 1992. In the video Kaliji looks the same as now, but everyone else looks twenty years younger!

Mercury Max accompanied Kaliji to Crimea in 1992, and was able to join in the anniversary celebration via Skype. Here Mercury is singing his beautiful new chant “Siva SivaOm”.

Russian translator and TriYoga teacher Ganga was also able to join via Skype. Here Priya, Eva-Maria, Ganga, John and Stephanie demonstrate each posture in a Daily 5 sequence.

Students brought many gifts to mark the special occasion. Shanti from Nevinnomyssk released the new Russian language TriYoga calendars and stickers and the newly-translated Prana Vidya Daily 10 booklet!

Kiev teachers and students (from left to right) Patricia, Natalia, Maya, and Nadezhda (pictured here), plus Maxim and Natalia, designed a poster of Kaliji created from a collage of thousands of small pictures of TriYoga students and teachers.

Shanti designed a beautiful traditional Russian outfit for Kaliji and had it made in her hometown! When others in Crimea saw the outfit they decided right away to offer their support and be part of the gift.

Students created balloon art to decorate the sadhana room.

Teacher and translator Irina from Moscow organized a wonderful event, in which each participant received a balloon and made a wish. Kaliji made this even more special by personally handing each student a balloon. When the entire group released their balloons together, Kaliji released a number of balloons for those who helped to make the event special but who were unable to attend.

During a question and answer session, Kaliji was asked about Ganapati. At the exact moment that Kaliji finished her answer, the Ganapati wall hanging behind Kaliji fell loose! This was very surprising, as the wall hanging had been affixed very securely.

This sweet young girl sang a Russian song for everyone at satsang, and then joined everyone to chant with Kaliji.

Teacher training was a major focus of the 10-day celebration. Here Eva-Maria leads one of the Basics groups during practicum.

John and Stephanie worked with the Level 1 group, using the long wall as much as possible!

Stephanie and Eva-Maria demonstrate Bow alignment assistance during a teaching methodology class.

Event organizer and Moscow teacher Shaktidas (in red shirt) and Kiev teacher Anna practice with Seated Pyramid alignment assistance.

A large group of cats lived at the hotel where program with Kaliji were held. As soon as Kaliji arrived for the first program, one of the kittens entered the room to greet her!

Kittens were regular visitors to all of Kaliji’s classes. This little tiger found a nice place to sit on Eva-Maria and remained through many flows.

Kiev teacher Natalia made a special connection with this kitten, and decided to adopt her!

Here the kitten, named Kali by Natalia, rides on the train toward her new home in Kiev. Another kitten from the hotel was adopted by another student and taken to Moscow.

Assistants John, Eva-Maria and Stephanie with their chocolate medals!

(from left to right): Kiev teachers Priya and Katerina provided outstanding translation throughout the celebration. Anjaneya from Moscow provided invaluable behind-the-scenes assistance throughout the event. Shanti brought anniversary TriYoga t-shirts and Russian language teaching manuals for the event.


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