200 Hour Basics Teacher Training in China

///200 Hour Basics Teacher Training in China

Congratulations to the new Basics teachers in China!

For the second consecutive year, John and Stephanie taught a 200-hour Basics Teacher Training at LuoFu Mountain Park near Shenzhen, China. Organized by UYoga in Shenzhen and translated by TriYoga Teacher Kiki (Xue Qi), the intensive training featured 8.5 hours per day of TriYoga Flows, Teaching Methodology, and Practicum; Physical and Subtle Anatomy; Sanskrit; Mudra and Nada Yoga. Once again, John and Stef were amazed by the focus and dedication of the wonderful Chinese students. The LuoFu Mountain trainings are very special, as the entire group becomes a close-knit TriYoga family. Most of these new teachers will continue with John and Stef for another 200 hours of Level 1 and Level 2 teacher training over the next two months.

The training draws new teachers both from Shenzhen and from other cities in China. While some have been regular students of TriYoga, others begin their TriYoga practice at the training. Regardless of experience, everyone is quickly immersed into their TriYoga study! Students begin teaching in pairs on the first day of training, and teach the entire class by the end. The immersion into TriYoga provides a wonderful environment for teacher trainings, with students discussing alignments at meals, practicing teaching methodology between sessions, and chanting mantras together before and after class.

Learning to teach TriYoga is a lot of fun! The training group has great time together, sharing this wonderful experience.

The weather at LuoFu mountain is gorgeous in October and November. The group took advantage by spending beautiful afternoons outside.

Practicum on the roof!

Sanskrit class in the Plum Tree Garden pagoda.

Stephanie teaching Anatomy in the Flow…

…and having a great time teaching mudra!

John and Stephanie have birthdays in October, so Kiki organized a surprise birthday party for them! Teachers Yu Bing and Lily from last year’s Basics group came out from Shenzhen and brought a vegan birthday cake! Some friends and family of this year’s students were also present for the event. John and Stef were amazed again by the generosity, thoughtfulness, and open-heartedness of their Chinese friends.

Enjoying a beautiful afternoon with tea in the courtyard pagoda.

LuoFu Mountain is an important site in the history of Daoism, and is a popular tourist destination. The hike to the top is a great day trip, and includes a long ski-lift ride half-way up the mountain.

Jin Hua, Qin Hong, and Xiao Qing enjoying a break from the training.

Prior to the training, TriYoga Teacher Kiki traveled to many cities in China, offering free workshops and introducing many new students to TriYoga. Then for one month, she translated 8.5 hours a day, six days a week, for the entire 200 hours training– while also demonstrating, assisting students, working with TriYoga to translate manuals and other materials into Chinese, and much much more!


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