11-5-07 In celebration of Hanuman's Life

///11-5-07 In celebration of Hanuman's Life

Hanuman & Kaliji tribute
Dearest Hanuman
I will miss you.
You are in my heart.
Dearest Hanuman
Kind, caring, quiet.
Always there to help.
You are in my heart.

With all my love
I cry with your departure
from this earthly plane.

Past, present and future
With the complete love of Devi
We are together
In the Heart of Devi.

Dearest Hanuman
I will miss you.
You are in my heart.

Jaya Guru Devi


He Hanuman,
I still see you waiting in front of the studio
for greeting Kaliji upon arrival,
Every day, every year, every where, when I was there.
Patient, smiling, humble, peaceful and happy…

He Hanuman,
will miss you, but won´t forget you…


To sweet Hanuman…

who IS in our hearts

You are so humble
That I used to take you for granted
And never thought
That you could be gone…
You are so loving
That I do not believe
That you can be ever alone

When I last saw you
I did not quite realize
What a great soul
Was right in front of my eyes,
What a pure heart
Was speaking right to mine…
I wish I could tell you
“Sorry and THANK YOU”
At least one more time…

I was deeply shocked
When the news came,
Yet instantly felt
That you are with us
Yet no more in our crazy game…
When the news came…
I knew that we will never be the same…

We will miss your example
Of how to truly serve
To Love
Be devoted
The Example of real spiritual growth…

You are so humble
so full of love and light,
you taught me to never take for granted
the presents that Divine Mother
places right in front of my blind eyes…

Guru Mata Ki – JAI!



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