10th Anniversary Visit to Copenhagen

///10th Anniversary Visit to Copenhagen

Yogini Kaliji’s tour continued after Frankfurt with an overnight stop in Copenhagen, Denmark. Level 2 teachers Ida and Malene organized evening and morning programs, attended by students from across Denmark. This year is the 10th anniversary of Kaliji’s first visit to Denmark, and programs on this visit were held at the same venue as in 2004. Now there are Denmark TriYoga Centers in Copenhagen and Aarhus, ongoing teacher training programs (trainings recently completed in Basics with Nandi and Level 2 with John and Santoshi), and many active teachers.

Copenhagen group

Malene (left, Denmark) and Ida (right, Sweden) are active TriYoga teachers, great friends, and currently pregnant just a few months apart! Many thanks to them for making this event possible.

In March, they completed their Level 2 certification with John and Santoshi in Samsø, Denmark. Ida and Malene have also started their internship to join the Junior Teacher Training Staff, mentored by Senior Teacher Nandi. The most recent Basics teachers in Denmark were certified through a training they organized and helped to teach.


Jytte (left) was the first TriYogi in Denmark, organized the first teacher trainings, and organized many of Yogini Kaliji’s past visits. Level 1 teacher Simon (center) is the director of TriYoga Center Copenhagen.


Birgitte, director of TriYoga Center Aarhus, traveled to Copenhagen for the event with one of her students.


John and Santoshi assisted during the Denmark programs. They will return to Denmark in March.

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