• Broadcast on TV in Guangzhou, China

  • Tirupati TV
    The most visited pilgrimage place in the world.

  • Waltham Newswatch
    in Yoga Master Visits New Studio in Waltham.

  • On the PBS Special entitled Healthy Living,
    a television series hosted by Jane Seymour,
    which was shown in over 25 countries. 2000

  • Fox-TV, New York.

  • Fox News Channel.


Series of TV Stations in Shenzhen, China. Asia tour. 2012

Russian Nationwide TV Channel. Kaliji taught TY to the star of Mama Mia Musical. 2009

Barnaul TV, broadcasting in Siberia, Russia. Kaliji spoke on benefits of Yoga. 2012


On the Brazilian television show Zona Zen, the largest health-oriented program in Brazil. Over 6 million people saw the segment. 2001

India Government TV channels. The interview with Kaliji was broadcast in over 70 countries during the International Conference in Naturopathy. 2011