Min­San Mag­a­zine, 2013


Yoga Mag­a­zine Lon­don, 2006


Sim­ply talk­ing with Kali Ray, the flow that has become syn­ony­mous with her dis­ci­pline is very much in evi­dence. Softly spo­ken with a warm invit­ing tone, her sen­tences rise and fall rhyth­mi­cally as they carry with them pre­cise knowl­edge and expla­na­tions. Noth­ing is super­flu­ous with Kaliji, from the infor­ma­tion she imparts to the chitchat exchanged, and the flow she embod­ies car­ries with it a har­mo­nious grace.”


Yoga Aktuell, 2004

Princess of Yoga”


Yoga Aktuell, 2002


Yoga Aktuell, 2001



Yoga Jour­nal 2005

Style of Life 2005


Yoga Jour­nal 2005


Yoga Mag­a­zine 2004

Yoga Mag­a­zine 2004




LA Times, 2004
“Swami’s like Malibu’s Kali Ray, pho­tographed by the Times’ Rick Loomis, are rid­ing the crest of a wave of fas­ci­na­tion with East­ern spir­i­tu­al­ism.”

Yoga Chicago, 2003
“She has a lot of charisma, and through her many con­tri­bu­tions to the con­fer­ence, Kali Ray def­i­nitely added to the feel­ing of joy and light­ness. A con­cert from her kir­tan band, Chant Club®, with Mer­cury Max on key­boards, was one of the high­lights. Kali Ray’s down-to earth approach to yoga, high energy, and sense of humor cre­ated an edu­ca­tional and enjoy­able expe­ri­ence for those new to TriYoga and to her many fol­low­ers who attended the con­fer­ence.”

L.A. Yoga Mag­a­zine, 2003
“Kali Ray’s story is the stuff of mir­a­cles… Every­thing about Kaliji, includ­ing her blonde hair, sunny eyes, and calm­ing pres­ence reflects har­mony with her envi­ron­ment, as does TriYoga, the style of yoga she created.”

Yoga Chicago, USA 2003

High­lights of the con­fer­ence were Kali Ray, founder of TriYoga….”

Power Agent, LA 2001
“The both beau­ti­ful inside and out, Kali Ray (Kaliji) is a mas­ter of yoga who has ded­i­cated her life to shar­ing yoga’s eter­nal teach­ings – one of the few women in the world who has achieved this sta­tus. Kali Ray is one of the most renowned of teach­ers of yoga, and her unique blend of the ancient teach­ings has been inter­na­tion­ally recognized.”