MinSan Magazine, 2013


Yoga Magazine London, 2006

“Simply talking with Kali Ray, the flow that has become synonymous with her discipline is very much in evidence. Softly spoken with a warm inviting tone, her sentences rise and fall rhythmically as they carry with them precise knowledge and explanations. Nothing is superfluous with Kaliji, from the information she imparts to the chitchat exchanged, and the flow she embodies carries with it a harmonious grace.”


Yoga Aktuell, 2004

“Princess of  Yoga”

Yoga Aktuell, 2002

Yoga Aktuell, 2001


Yoga Journal 2005

Style of Life 2005


Yoga Journal 2005


Yoga Magazine 2004

Yoga Magazine 2004




LA Times, 2004
“Swami’s like Malibu’s Kali Ray, photographed by the Times’ Rick Loomis, are riding the crest of a wave of fascination with Eastern spiritualism.”

Yoga Chicago, 2003
“She has a lot of charisma, and through her many contributions to the conference, Kali Ray definitely added to the feeling of joy and lightness. A concert from her kirtan band, Chant Club®, with Mercury Max on keyboards, was one of the highlights. Kali Ray’s down-to earth approach to yoga, high energy, and sense of humor created an educational and enjoyable experience for those new to TriYoga and to her many followers who attended the conference.”

L.A. Yoga Magazine, 2003
“Kali Ray’s story is the stuff of miracles… Everything about Kaliji, including her blonde hair, sunny eyes, and calming presence reflects harmony with her environment, as does TriYoga, the style of yoga she created.”

Yoga Chicago, USA 2003

“Highlights of the conference were Kali Ray, founder of TriYoga….”

Power Agent, LA 2001
“The both beautiful inside and out, Kali Ray (Kaliji) is a master of yoga who has dedicated her life to sharing yoga’s eternal teachings – one of the few women in the world who has achieved this status. Kali Ray is one of the most renowned of teachers of yoga, and her unique blend of the ancient teachings has been internationally recognized.”