Yogini Kaliji on Being in the Flow

Being in the Flow

Veg­e­tar­ian USA

When the mind is quiet, the breath rhyth­mi­cal and the body relaxed one can feel the deep con­nec­tion with our soul con­scious­ness. It is in this con­nec­tion that we feel the unlim­ited heal­ing power of the uni­ver­sal life energy.



Yogini Kaliji on Art & Science of Yogaflow

Art & Sci­ence of  Yogaflow®

Aus­tralian Yoga Magazine

TriYoga rep­re­sents the har­mo­nious flow of the triple prin­ci­ple that is inher­ent in all cre­ation. The uni­ver­sal energy man­i­fests as the trin­ity in infi­nite ways begin­ning with the triple ener­gies of the soul, Sat-Cit-Ananda (exis­tence, knowl­edge, bliss).  


Yogini Kaliji on Meditation

Med­i­ta­tion Doesn’t Take Time, It Gives Time

How many of us spend more time design­ing our home than our own mind? In our home, we can move one piece of fur­ni­ture here and one piece there and get things into place tem­porar­ily. There may come a time when we want to change every­thing and start fresh.  


Yogini Kaliji on Community on the Path

hOMe – Com­mu­nity on the Yoga Path

The nature of the atman or soul is sat cit ananda, pure con­scious­ness, high­est knowl­edge, and bliss absolute. When one acts accord­ing to higher knowl­edge, the guid­ance of uni­ver­sal energy reveals dharma, pur­pose in life. With higher knowl­edge reflected in the mind, one feels at hOMe anywhere.



Yogini Kaliji Moscow 2012

Inter­view with Russ­ian Yoga Digest

Q  What is unique about Kali Ray TriYoga?

This is for each per­son who prac­tices to feel for them­selves. TriYoga is founded through kriya­vati sid­dhi. This is not only unique but rare. TriYoga is a com­plete yoga method.


Yogini Kaliji Interview

Inter­view with Malaysian Yoga Magazine

Q Why did you choose yoga as your career?

Yoga is my very breath. It has been with me since birth. As early as my mem­o­ries go back, I was expe­ri­enc­ing var­i­ous yoga dis­ci­plines from within. These direct expe­ri­ences bring stu­dents to learn yoga. There­fore, the thought of yoga as a career never entered my mind.


Yogini Kaliji Interview

“The Princess of Yoga” by Yoga Aktuell

Q Prac­tic­ing TriYoga, what is the effect?

The effects man­i­fest on all lev­els includ­ing phys­i­cal, men­tal, and spir­i­tual. Effects include improved health, increased life energy, men­tal clar­ity, intu­itive knowl­edge, and bliss­ful hap­pi­ness.  The prac­tice of TriYoga cul­mi­nates in higher lev­els of awareness.


Yogini Kaliji Interview

Inter­view ~

TriYoga is Purna Yoga. Under the umbrella of TriYoga the var­i­ous branches of yoga sad­hana are included. It includes sys­tem­atized asana (pos­ture), pranayama (breath­ing prac­tices), and dha­rana (con­cen­tra­tion tech­niques) from Basics to Level 7, and over 1000+ hasta mudras (hand ges­tures). With this prepa­ra­tion and sup­port, along with the var­i­ous expres­sions of nada yoga, med­i­ta­tion emerges.