Yogini KalijiKaliji is inter­na­tion­ally renowned as a yogini and founder of TriYoga®. Her quest in yoga began at an early age. As a young child in the United States, Kaliji was nat­u­rally drawn to self-inquiry and med­i­ta­tion and as early as age three, she would sit qui­etly in deep reflec­tion. When inter­viewed recently, Kaliji stated, “Yoga is my very breath. Yoga has been with me since birth. As early as my mem­o­ries go back, I was expe­ri­enc­ing var­i­ous yoga dis­ci­plines from within. These direct expe­ri­ences bring stu­dents to learn yoga.”

Trav­el­ing exten­sively, Kaliji has taught TriYoga on a daily basis for over 30 years. She has pre­sented 45 keynote addresses, major pre­sen­ta­tions and in-depth pro­grams at yoga con­fer­ences and other venues world­wide, and has been fea­tured widely in the media. She was fea­tured in the book Secrets of the World’s Inspi­ra­tional Women, with pho­tos of the women in the pres­ti­gious National Por­trait Gallery in Lon­don. Kaliji’s pres­ence, her mas­tery of the flow and the age­less wis­dom inher­ent in TriYoga have inspired and trans­formed count­less lives.

In the tra­di­tion of ancient yoga, TriYoga is guided by Kriya­vati sid­dhi as it flows through Kaliji. She has sys­tem­atized asana (pos­ture), pranayama (breath­ing prac­tices), and dha­rana (con­cen­tra­tion tech­niques) from Basics to Level 7, and over 1000 hasta mudras (hand ges­tures) have expressed through her. TriYoga, which includes the full range of yoga prac­tices, is taught in 40+ coun­tries by over 1400+ cer­ti­fied teach­ers (250+ in China), and 52 TriYoga Cen­ters and Com­mu­ni­ties have been estab­lished, includ­ing cen­ters in Aus­tralia, Aus­tria, China, Den­mark, Ger­many, India, Rus­sia, Switzer­land, Tai­wan and the United States.

In addi­tion, Kaliji is co-founder of Chant Club®, a music ensem­ble pre­sent­ing San­skrit chants in call-and-response style. She is a vocal­ist and plays har­mo­nium. Inspired by her love of ani­mals, Kaliji has prac­ticed the vegan plant-based lifestyle for over 30 years.