Kaliji and many stu­dents were in New Jer­sey for the Guru Purn­ima celebraion.

Kaliji arrives and is wel­comed by Datta devotees.

Sri Swamiji’s arrival

and open­ing talk to devotees

More than 40 of Kaliji’s stu­dents trav­eled to New Jer­sey to attend the pro­grams and con­cert in New York City.

Kaliji with Pavana
Pavana is a clair­voy­ant, whom Kaliji vis­ited when in her early 20s.
Pavana pre­dicted TriYoga by telling Kaliji “It will all begin with your hands“
(mudras were what came first when kriya­vati began).

Devo­tees per­form pada puja to Sri Swamiji

Hun­dreds of devo­tees attended the programs.

Sri Chakra Puja

Sri Swamiji per­formed many dif­fer­ent mudras dur­ing the puja.

Sri Swamiji gives a mes­sage to devotees.

Kaliji with Datta Yogi­raja ~ dis­ci­ple of Sri Swamiji; Vedic scholar who lives in Chicago

Kaliji with Bala Datta devotees.